Legal Up! ”“ Program Core


What is a law?

Why laws are essential to protect and promote
the well-being of all citizens

How the criminal justice system operates

Participants will review a case study emphasizing
–interacting with law enforcement
— interacting with the court system

How to interact with a lawyer
Participants will role play lawyer/client communication


How to locate housing that is safe and appropriate for the
Student’s financial and other circumstances

How to read and negotiate a residential lease

What are the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords

Participants learn about the legal concept of “habitability”

If habitability issues arise, Students role play how to address them

— by preparing correspondence with landlord
–using the landlord tenant law


In partnership with the Bankruptcy Bar Association of the Southern District of Florida

What is credit?

How to establish credit

How to handle credit responsibly

Students role play setting up a family budget and
anticipate family financial emergencies

How the debtor creditor relationship operates,
including past due interest, late fees, etc and consequences of bad credit


Rights and responsibilities in the workplace

How to locate employment opportunities

Students design and submit a resume

How to prepare for an interview

Students participate in mock interviews with real employers